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The set of  80 patented technologies held by GasConTec and the accoding skills owned by the employees and experts covers the complete know-how, experience and technologies to produce low-carbon (green, blue) and conventional (grey) hydrogen, ammonia & methanol in a large industrial scale:


Large-scale production of hydrogen


Large-scale production  of ammonia


Large-scale production of methanol


Combined production of ammonia and methanol






Model of Autothermal Reformer


AdWinHydrogen CC

Large-scale production of low-carbon hydrogen using Carbon Capture

AdWinAmmonia CC

Large-scale production of low-carbon ammonia using Carbon Capture

AdWinMethanol CC

Large-scale production of low-carbon methanol using Carbon Capture


Large-sacle prodction of low-carbon methanol; CO2 is almost completely converted into methanol


Improvement of profitability of existing steam reformer methanol plants by reduction of the specific gas consumption and significant reduction of CO2 emissions​

  • Production of low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia and methanol

  • Methanol derivatives e.g.: SLCO    (Super Light Crude Oil) diluent/viscosity breaker for heavy crudes, acetic acid, ultra-pure synthetic gasoline, ethylene & propylene 

  • Ammonia derivatives e.g.: urea, ammonium nitrate

  • Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG)


Our Technological Capabilities

Besides the know-how and experience of the team, the core value of the business lies in more than 80 patents owned by GasConTec, offering cutting-edge solutions for:

  • ​Syngas and hydrogen generation technologies:

    • Autothermal reforming (ATR)

    • Partial Oxidation (POX)

    • Steam reforming (SR)

  • Most advanced methanol synthesis technology

  • Optimized combined production of ammonia and methanol

  • O2 -based, high pressure synthesis gas preparation for ammonia synthesis

  • Methanol-to-Gasoline (MtG), yielding raw gasoline

  • Syngas and natural gas clean-up

  • Power-to-Chemicals (PtC) & Power-to-Gas (PtG)

  • CO2 emission mitigation by avoidance, capture and conversion

  • Process simulation using ASPEN+

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