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Our Mission:

Monetize Gas instead of Flaring

GasConTec is a German high-tech company specialized in process development and global project development activities. Our large portfolio of know-how, intelligence and more than 80 patents allows unique and climate positive investment in advanced methanol, hydrogen & ammonia production technologies. We develope, support, and execute engineering services for projects e.g.:

  • Conventional natural gas

  • Unconventional natural gas 

       (shale gas, coal bed methane)

  • Natural gas liquids (NGLs)

  • Biogas & industrial gases

  • Heavy oil and other hydrocarbon feedstocks

  • Agricultural waste

  • (Excess) Electrical power

...efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly into value-added products with lowest carbon footprints.

Business Network

GasConTec has an excellent access to the global hydrogen, ammonia and methanol business network:

  • Plant operators

  • Off-takers and traders

  • Project developers

  • Banks

  • Engineering and construction

  • Catalyst supplier

  • Contractors

  • Equipment manufacturers

  • R&D community

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